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Do you work with companies in the DACH or German speaking markets. With over 100 Million people the DACH market is the biggest market with a unified language in Europe. It includes countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. Perhaps you’re looking to expand your clients digital presence into the DACH market. AN Digital partners with agencies from around the world to support strategic growth into DACH for their clients.
Let’s talk about working together.

In-House Marketing Leaders

Marketing executives and business owners are constantly bombarded with pitches for digital services, so here’s one more. As a special thank you for attending our inaugural event we’d like to offer you an SEO competitive analysis (we usually charge CHF597 for this) absolutely for free, except we’ll just email it to you.. no call, no pitch, just some good old fashioned growth opportunities. You literally have nothing to lose.

A tribute to Hamlet Batista

Hamlet Batista was a great man who contributed a lot to the SEO community at large and was one of the most sought after international SEO experts and speakers.

He was supposed to speak at this event and literally 2h before starting we got word that he had passed away due to complications with the Coronavirus. Needless to say we were shocked and devastated.

That is why we decided to dedicate this event in his memory.

Rest in peace, dear Hamlet.

Slides & Videos from AND Virtual Summit January 2021

Founders welcome

Mare Hojc
Co-Founder All New Digital Virtual Summit

Just a couple of hours before the event Hamlet Batista died of Corona virus. That is why we decided to dedicate our first All New Digital Virtual Summit 2021 to him.

This is a 4-minute tribute to a great man and his life.

We will miss you, Hamlet.

Nick Eubanks-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Nick Eubanks
Founder, FTF

How to Maximize Link Equity Faster Than Google Says is Possible

In his talk Nick talked about taking a pristine new domain with zero Domain Rating and low possibility of ranking to 70 Domain Rating and awesome ranking potential!

He explained:

  • how to choose, analyse and buy expired domains
  • how to resurrect expired domains
  • how to get resurrected domains indexed by Google
  • how to redirect without incurring a penalty in the rankings
Cody West-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Cody West
Founder, Assisted Reach

A Business Intelligence Approach To Link Building

These questions always come up when planning a link building campaign:

  • Why do we need links?
  • How many links do we need to build total?
  • How much will link building cost?
  • How many links do we build to each page on the website?
  • What anchor text should we use when building links?


Cody gives us clear answers and even shows us the math on how to calculate them.

Olivia Smith-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Olivia Smith
Head of Digital PR, Digitaloft

Getting Smart & Smashing Targets With Your Digital PR Strategy

Digital PR has become one of the most important aspects of building a brand online.

Olivia shows us how to drive more leads, sign-ups, sales, subscribers and customers using digital PR in 2021.

“Old school” digital PR (campaign, asset, media list, pitches, traditional link building tactics, guest posting) is no longer as effective in 2021 – instead you should use the “New school” approach:

  • Research
  • Design
  • List building
  • Pitching
  • Reporting
Bastian Grimm-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Bastian Grimm
CEO & Co-Founder, Peak Ace AG​

The Art of Crawling: Getting the most out of Crawl and Index Budget

A deep-dive into technical SEO with the focus on crawlability and indexing for bigger websites and webshops.

Bastian goes deep and talks about:

  • crawl budget
  • crawling vs indexing
  • how to handle multiple versions of a product (colour, size) from a technical SEO standpoint
  • indexing strategy for categories, sub-categories and pagination
He also gives us his top 10 tips for e-commerce businesses.
Mare Hojc-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Mare Hojc
Founder & CEO, AN Digital

Is your SEO agency telling you the whole truth about your SEO revenue potential

Does it make sense for your company or your client to invest in SEO?

How can you show them the revenue potential that SEO can bring?

  • Most agencies still calculate the SEO revenue potential based on the old school formula, that does not take into account the changes in the SERPs
  • which Keywords you should NOT be optimizing your website for
  • organic position 1 can have between 13% and 46% CTR – how is that possible
  • how do you win at SEO in 2021: go long-tail and become a brand

First Q & A Panel: Focus Off-page SEO

What happens when 5 top international SEOs with years of experience “in the SEO trenches” come together and answer questions?

  • For SEO agencies and Freelancers: what is the best value proposition for presenting SEO to a client to win their trust and business?
  • -“fake table outreach experiment” – how Andy Chadwick increased traffic to a new product website exponentially by landing a link in a big online publication?
  • can you rank well without link-building
  • if I am just starting out with a new website / product: what is the first thing I should do regarding my SEO?


…and about 20 more awesome questions from our audience.

Amanda Milligan, All New Digital Virtual Summit
Amanda Milligan
Marketing Director, Fractl

Want More High-Quality Backlinks and Brand Awareness? Create "Tangential Content"

Have you ever heard of “tangential content”?

If you want high-quality backlinks and brand awareness, you should consider creating tangential content!

  • the difference between tangential and topical content
  • 60% of online blogs feature tangential content
  • what is the best type of tangential content
  • how to pitch to publications
Andy Chadwick_All New Digital Virtual Summit
Andy Chadwick
Co-Founder Snippet Digital

Working smart; how two people can do the work of 20 using machine learning in SEO

Andy explains the benefits of using Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your SEO optimization process.

Exciting takeaways about:

  • Keyword mapping, clustering & categorization
  • URL mapping
  • Intent Classification
  • How to create content briefs


Andy is in the process of building an exciting SEO Keyword/ Content planning tool that will potentially reduce the work of an SEO agency or an SEO in-house team from 40-50 to 3-4 hours. 

Ruth Everett-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Ruth Everett
Tech SEO at DeepCrawl

An Introduction to Python and Machine Learning for Technical SEO

Challenge: SEOs are busy
Solution: Automation = Data Analysis & Automation with Python

  • how Python can help with technical SEO (and save you hundreds of hours of work compared to working with tools like Excel)
  • improving website performance with Python
  • how Machine Learning, BERT, NLP and RankBrain can be applied
  • how you can learn Python the fastest (and why you need NO programming experience to learn it)
Kevin Indig-All-New-Digital-Virtual-Summit
Kevin Indig
VP SEO & Content, G2

Exponential organic growth with User Generated Content (UGC)

Kevin Indig has been head of SEO at some of the biggest internet companies in the world like Dailymotion, G2 and Atlassian.

Kevin talks about the technical SEO challenges of such huge UGC websites:

  • indexing and crawling
  • content quality
  • how to solve spam issues

Second Q & A Panel: Focus On-Page SEO

We had a lot of fun discussing the latest on-page SEO topics and what works in 2021.

Questions from our audience:

  • is “keyword density” still relevant and are recommendations from SEO Yoast plugin relevant
  • should you add blog-content to a product page to have it rank well for a keyword with an informational search intent
  • can someone outrank you by stealing your content
  • for e-commerce sites: Should you build links to a blog and internally link to product pages


…. and many more were submitted to our awesome panel.

Virtual Happy Hour

3 speakers left standing, Amanda Milligan, Andy Chadwick and Mare Hojc, having a beer and discussing digital topics in a relaxed an informal manner with the attendees who, after 10 hours of content, wanted some more 🙂

  • what works today in the digital channels and how it has changed
  • how to create marketing that people love and creates value
  • Amandas podcast “Cashing in on content marketing”
  • a behind-the-scene look at a really awesome tool that Andy is building and could be a potential game changer


A very relaxed conversation about the world of online marketing and a nice round-up of a knowledge-packed All New Digital Virtual Summit 2021. With beer, whiskey and… coffee 🙂

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